Scott Rigney (Fire Certifier)

Scott is the Fire Certifier at A1 Passive Fire. With over 10 Years combined experience in the Building Certification (9 Years) and Passive Fire industries (3 Years) Scott brings a broad range of knowledge to the team. As the Fire Certifier Scott uses his knowledge of Building legislation and the Test Reports to ensure that a solution is provided to all situations that results in compliant installation of Passive Fire protection. Scott is the newest member of our team and is determined to provide Passive Fire Certification with the high level of accuracy & quality as has come to be expected of the A1 Passive Fire Team.

Bill Malone (Chief Financial Officer and Director)

Bill is a Chartered Accountant and Business Manager of more than 35 years’ experience. He ran his own Public Accounting business and it was in this capacity that he acted as external accountant to A1 for over 20 years. Bill has a vast amount of experience with the Building & Construction industry. He brings a strong focus on quality systems and job reporting to ensure works are done on time on budget


From humble beginnings as a plasterer Perry founded A1 Interiors in 1988. Over this time Perry has directed the growth of the company to its present day format. He has held positions as the State and Federal President of the AWCI over the years and continues to work with suppliers and industry groups to better develop and enhance the industry. Perry also plays an active part in the training of new staff and mentoring our division leaders.

Ian Swann

Ian is General Manager and has twenty five years’ experience in business management including Industry Association management, import and distribution of fire retardant additives, sales and marketing of construction products. Ian demonstrates strong leadership, passion, business acumen and attention to detail to grow the business sustainably and ensure A1 Passive Fire exceeds customer expectations.

Scott Rigby

Scott is the Project Manager for our Passive Fire Division and utilises his 16 years of experience in the construction industry and 6 years in Passive Fire to deliver effective and compliant systems or solutions on every project. His strong technical knowledge of passive fire ratings provides assurances of accuracy and quality as one of our passive fire certifiers.